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Fold n' Go was developed by a Florida contractor with over 30 years of building experience.  At building sites he would find architects, owners, subcontractors, and building inspectors on their knees looking over plans.  Many temporary stands and tables were used and found to be less than convenient.  Through all this he felt there had to be a better way.  He was looking not only for a table but a blueprint table that was foldable, portable, durable, and could store plans.  A table that could be folded up with plans and moved from site to site and could easily be placed in a vehicle.

     Fold n' Go is a portable table perfect for construction sites, landscaping projects and interior decorators.  Any job where plans are reviewed Fold n' Go is a must.

     Fold n' Go is lightweight, portable, and weather resistant.  It is made of durable polypropylene plastic. Our patented design makes it easy to fold up and move from job to job.  Plans are held secure in place by straps.  Fold n' Go is the perfect blueprint planning table for indoors and out doors.

HEIGHT 40” |exactly waist high
WIDTH 31” |measured out to perfectly fit a standard plan
LENGTH 42” | the exact length of a blueprint
DEPTH 21/2" | folds up tightly for easy storage
DESIGN   | drafting slant to facilitate viewing